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Electronic Will AKA eWill

Specify the disposition of all your assets, including who is to receive them and in what amount.

DV Protection Order

Postnuptial Agreement

This is a written agreement executed after a couple gets married, to define the couple's affairs and assets in the event of a separation or divorce.

Sole Proprietorship

Property Status Agreement

Specify the disposition of all your assets, including separate and community property.

Family Will Package

Joint Last Will & Testament/CPA/general DPA's/ & HCD's (PACKAGE) (minor children - with trust provisions)

Advanced Will Package

Last Will and Testament with trust provisions but no Community Property Agreement

Community Property Will Package

Joint Last Will and Testament, no trust provisions, with Community Prop. Agreer.

Basic Single Will Package

Simple Last Will & Testament/general DPA/ & HCD (PACKAGE)

Real Estate LLC

Living Trust

Create a trust that is effective during your lifetime.

Doing Business As (DBA) Consulting

Grow your business with a helping hand from a licensed attorney.

Divorce (by Default)

Receive what is called a default judgment If your spouse does not respond to your petition for dissolution by the deadline.

Trustee's Deed

Transfer real property into trust from the trust settlor by granting the property to the trust in the name of the trustee.

Document Review

Deed of Trust w/ Promissory Note

Settlement Conference

Communicate the terms you want in your divorce settlement.

Non-Parent Custody

Converting a Legal Separation to a Decree of Dissolution

Finalize your divorce six months after your legal separation is ordered.

Immediate Orders

Contempt of a Court Order (Civil Contempt)

Receive a remedy for a clear violation of a court order.


Settle a disagreement with the help of a trained mediator who does not take sides and listens to your side of the story.

Personal Representative's Deed

Transfer property to a beneficiary after a probate has begun.

Motion to Adjust Child Support

File a Motion to adjust a child support order.

Divorce (Contested)

Make sure the judge hears your side of the divorce through declarations and court representation.

Administrator's Deed

Transfer property to a beneficiary after a probate has begun.

Legal Separation

Legally separate from your spouse.

Modification of a Parenting Plan (Modify / Change PP)

Modify your parenting plan

Relocation with Children

Relocate with your family after an order is set by the court.

Lease Agreement (Commercial)

Specify what obligations your commercial tenant will have while using your property.

Life Estate

Remain in a house until death, when it passes to the other owner.

Transfer on Death Deed

Transfer property to one or more beneficiaries effective at death

Firearms Trust (Gun Trust)

Keep your second amendments rights secure and your weapons out of probate.

Cabin Trust

Establish the ground rules for how expenses will be paid and the cabin-related decisions.

Buy-Sell Agreement - LLC

Buy another member's membership interest and acquire a larger shall of all things relevant in your business.

Bill of Sale - Vehicle

Record the transaction between the buyer and seller of a vehicle.

Durable Power of Attorney for Minor Child

Allow a trusted family member or agent to keep your life moving even if something were to happen to you.

Adoption (Step-Parent)

Adopt the child of your current spouse.

Construction Lien

Make a claim for a payment due made against a property by a contractor who supplied labor or materials for work.

Abandoned Vehicle

Make a claim to an abandoned vehicle or vehicle left at your place of business after non-payment.

Purchase House without a buyer's agent

Make an offer on your desired property.


Juvenile law deals with the actions and well-being of those under 18 years old.

Prenuptial Agreement

Establish the rights to property and support in the event of divorce.

Probate with Minor Assets

Avoid probate for estates less than $100,000.

Purchase and Sale Agreement

Send an offer that gives the terms of your sale.

Joint Last Will & Testament

Record the wishes of two people for disposition upon his/her death.

Traffic Ticket

Find your defense.

Quitclaim Deed (Quit Claim)

A quitclaim deed can transfer property while at the same time clear clouds on title.


Wrap up a loved ones estate with or without a will.

Trust (Revocable)

Manage assets for your benefit or an eventual beneficiary

Deciding Parentage

Ask the court to determine your child's parentage.


Update a provision of your current estate plan.

Speak to an Attorney

Bring the facts of your case to a trusted expert.

Operating Agreement

Lay down a written framework for your LLC.

Independent Contractor Agreement

Specify your relationship with new independent contractors.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Keep your proprietary information confidential.

Life Plan

Talk to a tenant, write a demand letter, and more for one low monthly rate.

Evictions (High Volume) (Unlawful Detainer)

Painlessly evict a tenant surprisingly fast.

Child Support

Know your right to child support.

Unmarried Parents

Navigate the protections of a parenting plan for an unmarried couple.

Parenting Plan (Custody Order)

Determine how to co-parent after separation.

Community Property Agreement

Specify your marital property and avoid estate taxes.


A guardian balances advocating for the rights of the person while causing minimal restrictions as needed.

Sealing a Juvenile Record

Prevent future employers and landlords from seeing your juvenile record.

Vacating a Criminal Record

Prevent potential employers and landlords from finding your criminal record..

Restoration of Firearm Rights (Gun Rights)

Lost your right to carry? We will get it back.

Lease Agreement (Residential)

Specify what obligations your tenant will have while using your property.

Landlord Notices with Process Service Included

Unpaid rent? Noncompliance of lease term? $99 notice with Unlawful Detainer retainer.

Durable Power of Attorney

Power to handle your matters upon your incapacity.

Healthcare Directive (Living Will) (Advanced Health Care Directive)

Specify what actions should be taken for your health at the end of your life.

Form a LLC

Set up an LLC fast and start running your dream business.

Last Will & Testament

Specify the disposition of all your assets, including who is to receive them and in what amount.

Divorce (Uncontested)

Come to a fair and workable solution for ending your marriage.

Eviction (Unlawful Detainer)

Remove a problem tenant and start making your rent profits.