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  • DV Protection Order

  • Postnuptial Agreement

    This is a written agreement executed after a couple gets married, to define the couple's affairs and assets in the event of a separation or divorce.

  • Sole Proprietorship

  • Property Status Agreement

  • Family Will Package

    Joint Last Will & Testament/CPA/general DPA's/ & HCD's (PACKAGE) (minor children - with trust provisions)

  • Advanced Will Package

    Last Will and Testament with trust provisions but no Community Property Agreement

  • Community Property Will Package

    Joint Last Will and Testament, no trust provisions, with Community Prop. Agreer.

  • Basic Single Will Package

    Simple Last Will & Testament/general DPA/ & HCD (PACKAGE)

  • Real Estate LLC

  • Living Trust

    Create a trust that is effective during your lifetime.

  • Doing Business As (DBA) Consulting

    Grow your business with a helping hand from a licensed attorney.

  • Divorce (by Default)

    Receive what is called a default judgment If your spouse does not respond to your petition for dissolution by the deadline.

  • Trustee's Deed

    Transfer real property into trust from the trust settlor by granting the property to the trust in the name of the trustee.

  • Document Review

  • Deed of Trust w/ Promissory Note

  • Settlement Conference

    Communicate the terms you want in your divorce settlement.

  • Non-Parent Custody

  • Converting a Legal Separation to a Decree of Dissolution

    Finalize your divorce six months after your legal separation is ordered.

  • Immediate Orders

  • Contempt of a Court Order (Civil Contempt)

    Receive a remedy for a clear violation of a court order.

  • Mediation

    Settle a disagreement with the help of a trained mediator who does not take sides and listens to your side of the story.

  • Personal Representative's Deed

    Transfer property to a beneficiary after a probate has begun.

  • Motion to Adjust Child Support

    File a Motion to adjust a child support order.

  • Divorce (Contested)

    Make sure the judge hears your side of the divorce through declarations and court representation.

  • Administrator's Deed

    Transfer property to a beneficiary after a probate has begun.

  • Legal Separation

    Legally separate from your spouse.

  • Modification of a Parenting Plan (Modify / Change PP)

    Modify your parenting plan

  • Relocation with Children

    Relocate with your family after an order is set by the court.

  • Lease Agreement (Commercial)

    Specify what obligations your commercial tenant will have while using your property.

  • Life Estate

    Remain in a house until death, when it passes to the other owner.

  • Transfer on Death Deed

    Transfer property to one or more beneficiaries effective at death

  • Firearms Trust (Gun Trust)

    Keep your second amendments rights secure and your weapons out of probate.

  • Cabin Trust

    Establish the ground rules for how expenses will be paid and the cabin-related decisions.

  • Buy-Sell Agreement - LLC

    Buy another member's membership interest and acquire a larger shall of all things relevant in your business.

  • Bill of Sale - Vehicle

    Record the transaction between the buyer and seller of a vehicle.

  • Durable Power of Attorney for Minor Child

    Allow a trusted family member or agent to keep your life moving even if something were to happen to you.

  • Adoption (Step-Parent)

    Adopt the child of your current spouse.

  • Construction Lien

    Make a claim for a payment due made against a property by a contractor who supplied labor or materials for work.

  • Abandoned Vehicle

    Make a claim to an abandoned vehicle or vehicle left at your place of business after non-payment.

  • Purchase House without a buyer's agent

    Make an offer on your desired property.

  • Juvenile

    Juvenile law deals with the actions and well-being of those under 18 years old.

  • Prenuptial Agreement

    Establish the rights to property and support in the event of divorce.

  • Probate with Minor Assets

    Avoid probate for estates less than $100,000.

  • Purchase and Sale Agreement

    Send an offer that gives the terms of your sale.

  • Joint Last Will & Testament

    Record the wishes of two people for disposition upon his/her death.

  • Traffic Ticket

    Find your defense.

  • Quitclaim Deed (Quit Claim)

    A quitclaim deed can transfer property while at the same time clear clouds on title.

  • Probate

    Wrap up a loved ones estate with or without a will.

  • Trust (Revocable)

    Manage assets for your benefit or an eventual beneficiary

  • Deciding Parentage

    Ask the court to determine your child's parentage.

  • Codicil

    Update a provision of your current estate plan.

  • Speak to an Attorney

    Bring the facts of your case to a trusted expert.

  • Operating Agreement

    Lay down a written framework for your LLC.

  • Independent Contractor Agreement

    Specify your relationship with new independent contractors.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

    Keep your proprietary information confidential.

  • Life Plan

    Talk to a tenant, write a demand letter, and more for one low monthly rate.

  • Evictions (High Volume) (Unlawful Detainer)

    Painlessly evict a tenant surprisingly fast.

  • Child Support

    Know your right to child support.

  • Unmarried Parents

    Navigate the protections of a parenting plan for an unmarried couple.

  • Parenting Plan (Custody Order)

    Determine how to co-parent after separation.

  • Community Property Agreement

    Specify your marital property and avoid estate taxes.

  • Guardianship

    A guardian balances advocating for the rights of the person while causing minimal restrictions as needed.

  • Sealing a Juvenile Record

    Prevent future employers and landlords from seeing your juvenile record.

  • Vacating a Criminal Record

    Prevent potential employers and landlords from finding your criminal record..

  • Restoration of Firearm Rights (Gun Rights)

    Lost your right to carry? We will get it back.

  • Lease Agreement (Residential)

    Specify what obligations your tenant will have while using your property.

  • Free Notices

    Unpaid rent? Noncompliance of lease term? Free notice with Unlawful Detainer retainer.

  • Durable Power of Attorney

    Power to handle your matters upon your incapacity.

  • Healthcare Directive (Living Will) (Advanced Health Care Directive)

    Specify what actions should be taken for your health at the end of your life.

  • Form a LLC

    Set up an LLC fast and start running your dream business.

  • Last Will & Testament

    Specify the disposition of all your assets, including who is to receive them and in what amount.

  • Divorce (Uncontested)

    Come to a fair and workable solution for ending your marriage.

  • Eviction (Unlawful Detainer)

    Remove a problem tenant and start making your rent profits.