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eWills are coming to you in 2022:

Washington state has enacted the Uniform Electronic Wills Act, effective January 1, 2022. The Act allows an individual to create and sign their last will as an electronic will. The Act also allows an electronic will to be made self-proving through the acknowledgment of the testator and affidavits of the witnesses, which must be notarized.

Coulterlaw is available to assist residents of Washington State draft their own electronic last will and testaments. Further, Coulterlaw can assist with electronically notarizing your self-proving will and act as custodian of your eWill. Bookmark this page for the latest information and tools to support you, your family and your business.

The way it should be.

Steps you can take:

COVID-19 Resources


Setup your estate plan online
In some parts of the country, cities have strongly encouraged social distancing or have restricted their citizens’ movements. Your attorney can still prepare an estate plan online through your client portal. You can review a will or setup a healthcare directive with ease.


Sign documents with an electronic signature
Use an electronic signature to avoid a trip to your attorney's office and an unnecessary paper trail. You can sign with an electronic signature on mobile devices or a laptop. If you aren’t able to esign a document then make sure you're able to pay remotely, with payment options like online invoices.


Support your local businesses
This time is as unpredictable for you as it is for your family. To ensure your family stays healthy, make sure they stay home if they are sick, frequently wash their hands, and keep contact to a minimum. While you're out make sure you shop local to help keep your local economy going strong.


Use video meetings for consultations

As customers look to avoid touching surfaces, we encourage you to use your mobile devices or laptop to connect with your attorney and skip the in-office social distancing. If you aren’t tech savvy then make sure your attorney is! 


Attend a video court hearing
Nearly all courthouses are closed across the county. However, court is not cancelled, it just moved online. You can contact your local court clerk to get the video hearing information and attend your first video court hearing.

Let's make it official.

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