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Unlimited communication with your lawyer, secure messaging, online updates, and electronic signatures with Coulterlaw. You will know approximately how much time your case will take and what you can expect to pay. Zero hourly fees.

  •  No Blank Checks

We believe in transparent pricing and letting you know our fees up front. We will always give you a sense of how many hours something will take before we bill you.

  •  No-Contact Legal

Consultations are available outside of business hours, in or out of office, or by convenient, easy video meetings.

  •  Customer-centric

We put our customers at the core of our business. No over-sized egos or aggressive hard-bargaining to contend with.

  •  Start with Us

We provide new clients additional support and reassurance. We will always keep you up to speed as your case develops.

  •  Intuitive Legal Services

We put our own spin on legal innovation, including everything from paper-less legal documents to electronic court appearances.

  •  Accepting Clients

Law firms fell years behind during the COVID-19 pandemic. Coulterlaw remained online, serving our clients and their essential business.

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The average office uses about 10,000 pages of paper per year. Coulterlaw has been paper-less from day one.

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Legal access that gives you a equal opportunity to the legal system, regardless of your circumstances.

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