Free PDF Encryption for Your Legal Documents

Updated: Jan 4

Keeping your information confidential should naturally crossover to your online actives. Luckily, there is a litany of ways to secure files and share them online. Below are a few free ways to encrypt and share your legal documents.

  1. LibreOffice offers strong, free AES encryption. You merely have to export to pdf, find the security tab, and then add a password. Text the password to your partner and email the document. Then prying eyes will need your partner's cell phone and the file to open the pdf.

  2. If you merely want to share a file a very convenient method is through Firefox Send. You can upload a large file (2.5 gb), password protect the documents, and create a link for your viewer to go to a password protected page.

Security is critically important to you and your legal documents. As always speak to your attorney first.