Top 5 Apps for Small Law Firms

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Apps make or break the difference in profitability for most law firms. See if these apps could add the automation and reliability that your law firm needs.

Google Suite (Work Flow)

Google has many powerful apps that are simple enough to pick up and use right away. Moreover, Google's app suite is ultra user-friendly and perfect If you want to hit the ground running. For only $10 a month you receive unlimited* (see google for limitations) storage in the cloud. In my experience, Google has the best search engine technology, and luckily their search technology is available in may of their apps. Search is critical for easily finding archived information in ediscovery.

LastPass (Password Manager)

Weak passwords can be your number-one source vulnerability. Many password managers can show you which passwords are weak or multiples. In addition, password managers can provide a safe place to store other important information such as safe combinations and recovery keys.

Dropbox (Cloud Service)

Where Google excels at being great at almost everything they provide, Dropbox nudges out Google in a few important areas. For example, the Dropbox app auto scans documents that you can save as a pdf, which essentially turns your iPhone into a very usable scanner. Dropbox's storage integration into Windows 10 is also more user-friendly in my opinion, but I would download both desktop cloud service apps to see which you prefer.

Slack (Team Communication)

Slack is a powerful communication tool for your law firm team. The Slack iPhone app allows you to securely chat, send documents and sync notifications for calendar events all in one convenient place. However, be careful with what you add to the app because you could find yourself receiving countless pings throughout the day.

Hubspot, Google Voice (CRM)

Law firms are slowing finding out that marketing equals reputation and reputation equals referrals. Hubspot offer many useful marketing and customer management solutions from their dashboard. For example, their service allows you to send emails and store contacts for free.

Here's an update for Google Voice, which is another simple, but powerful business app from Google. You can easily keep track of your business contacts and keep your business phone number separate all from your cell phone or desktop app.