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 quickly, easily, and securely.

With CoulterLaw
You can look forward to:

Online payments and payment plans

Make payments securely through email or the online portal by clicking here.

Be ready for convenient video communication with your attorney. Or meet face-to-face, outside of business hours, or even at your office. 

Meet Remotely or Face-to-Face

Electronic Client profile updates

Receive electronic status updates, invoices, and estimates on your case. Keep documents on hand and secure with the client portal.

Never worked with a lawyer before

New clients are provided additional support, guides, and reassurance.

Speak to an Attorney

Pricing starts at:

$99 per consult

Outline the facts of your case. out how the law applies in relation to those facts. Determine your legal implications or liabilities. Everything that you tell a lawyer during a consultation would be confidential and privileged. Initial legal consultations with an attorney does not create a attorney-client relationship.

Pricing starts at:

$99 per consult

Get signed up for a consultation in minutes when you book online.

Legal Services from and sold by Coulterlaw.

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