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Our legal services and advice are built to quickly resolve estate planning issues, which means less time wasted. You can track your estate plan and know in real time whether your estate is in order.

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Confidentiality is built into our services from the ground up. We use best-in-class practices to prevent fraud, hacking, and data breaches. CoulterLaw follows industry requirements that keeps your confidential information safe.

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CoulterLaw has no hidden fees and no long-term contracts—you just pay for what you need as you need it. We also manage case disputes so you can focus on your life more and disputes less.

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Coulter Estate Planning Services

Our most popular products based on client interest. Updated periodically.

Electronic Will AKA eWill


Pricing starts at:

Specify the disposition of all your assets, including who is to receive them and in what amount.

Personal Representative's Deed


Pricing starts at:

Transfer property to a beneficiary after a probate has begun.

Firearms Trust (Gun Trust)


Pricing starts at:

Keep your second amendments rights secure and your weapons out of probate.

Joint Last Will & Testament


Pricing starts at:

Record the wishes of two people for disposition upon his/her death.

Property Status Agreement


Pricing starts at:

Specify the disposition of all your assets, including separate and community property.

Life Estate


Pricing starts at:

Remain in a house until death, when it passes to the other owner.

Cabin Trust


Pricing starts at:

Establish the ground rules for how expenses will be paid and the cabin-related decisions.

Trust (Revocable)


Pricing starts at:

Manage assets for your benefit or an eventual beneficiary

Living Trust


Pricing starts at:

Create a trust that is effective during your lifetime.

Transfer on Death Deed


Pricing starts at:

Transfer property to one or more beneficiaries effective at death

Durable Power of Attorney for Minor Child


Pricing starts at:

Allow a trusted family member or agent to keep your life moving even if something were to happen to you.



Pricing starts at:

Update a provision of your current estate plan.

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