Can I break my lease?

My fiancée and I have broken up, can I break my lease?

You probably want to move out and move on with your life after a breakup. However, getting out of your lease might be more difficult than you imagined.

Can I sublease?

If you find a reasonable alternative tenant to take your place, then your landlord may be required to allow you to move out in lieu of the new tenant replacing your tenancy. Thus, start looking for a replacement tenant as soon as possible so the landlord does not have a loss in rent.

Speak with your landlord proactively about your issues and see if you can work it out. If not start advertising for replacement tenants. In addition, see if the tenant who wants to stay in the residence meets the income requirements to take over the lease themselves.

Can I force my ex to break the lease?

Unfortunately, you both are on the hook for the remainder of your lease, or until you both agree to terminate it. So if you

Can my landlord charge a lease break fee?

Your landlord can charge you the lesser of the full amount of the lease or the reasonable time it takes to re-rent, which usually does not be more than a couple months. In addition, check to see if there is a lease break fee in your rental agreement.

What if my Landlord refuses to make repairs?

If your place is really awful, you may want to make a written request that your landlord repair all the issues. When your landlord inevitably hasn't started real repairs within 10 days of receipt (of an actual paper document, signed and dated, requesting the repairs) you can break your lease without charge by giving your landlord another written notice

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As always, speak to an attorney before breaking your lease.