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Finishing your Divorce (Uncontested)

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

An uncontested divorce may proceed to finalization after the 90 day cooling off period has run. In the alternative, a contested divorce may proceed to discovery requests and/or a trial setting.

It may be difficult to speak with your spouse about co-parenting and splitting financial obligations, but it will pay off down the road if you can keep your negotiations amicable and therefore workable. Depending on your county, you can either set a hearing or have the judge sign off on the final paperwork ex parte (without the other party present).

Children often are often the biggest concern of splitting parents. However, you can finish your divorce uncontested even if you have children. You will prepare a parenting plan, child support worksheets, findings of fact and conclusions of law, the final divorce order, and any other documents required by your county (see your counties court website). For example, Clark County requires that the petitioner file a document that certifies the information provided in the final divorce documents.

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