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How to pick the right attorney in Vancouver, Washington

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

How do you choose the best attorney for your needs in Vancouver? Choosing an attorney is similar to choosing other products or services. You can make a smart decision by conducting your own research before purchasing legal services. We recommend setting up several lawyer interviews, all of whom should have an expertise in the relevant practice area. Before each interview you should carefully research each candidate. Below are five items to guide your search for the best attorney for your legal needs:

Conduct Candidate Interviews. There is nothing like meeting face to face with your attorney. You can pick up right away if that attorney is excited to meet with you and will be pleasant to work with down the road. You will want these qualities as the stressful up and downs occur as you move through the life of your case.

Consult Google. Merely googling an attorney will likely bring up reviews for them personally and their firm. Who can see instantly what people think of that attorney and their coworkers.

Ask Other Attorneys. Attorneys put their own reputations on the line when they refer clients to other attorneys. As such, they will not likely refer you to someone who is not a specialist in the relevant area.

Conduct a Background Check. Reach out to the bar association to find out whether a attorney has any disciplinary history.

Tour the Lawyer's Office. Most people do not want to spend a lot of time driving to an attorney. However, with the advent of the internet most communications with your lawyer can be made electronically. For example, your lawyer may have instant messaging.

Aging population. Most attorneys are soon to reach retirement age. As such, if you hire an old grey hair make sure that you get confirmation that they will be around in a year or even six months to finalize your matter.


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