Your Extra Steps for HUD Evictions

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

You gave your tenant an eviction notice. What happens next?

  • Your tenant may set up a meeting with you to discuss the notice and what you can do to fix any lease violations.

  • The tenant should put the notice in writing.

  • Keep a copy of the notice for proof at your hearing.

  • If you refuse to meet with the Tenant, and then file an eviction lawsuit, then this gives the tenant a potential defense to the eviction.

  • Keep a copy of the documents related to the dispute, including:

  • your lease

  • written complaints

  • termination notices

  • rent payment history

  • inspection reports

  • notes of conversations

  • witness statements

  • police reports

Eviction a HUD tenant is usually a delicate process. As always it is wise to speak with attorney first before evicting a HUD tenant.