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Meth Houses | Buyer Beware

Does a seller need to disclose the past presence of meth in a home? Well, it depends.

The clear cut cases are usually when the seller is aware of the house being a former meth. But what about when the former owners of the home were meth users?

Let's examine.

In Washington, usually the main issue is whether the drug use was considered material to the sale. Was your property the site of a crime, suicide, death, or drug- or gang-related activity? Even if that is the case, the presence of drugs is not considered material typically unless it adversely affected the condition or title of the property.

Thus, you may need to show that the owners knew about the crime, that the crime affected the condition or title of the property, and that they did not disclose those material facts to the buyer.

As always, come to an attorney first with your home purchasing concerns.


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