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Rules for Neighbors

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

How do you handle Trees?

You are allowed to trim back the trees that are hanging over or encroaching onto your property. However, be careful not to destroy the tree to avoid the concern of litigation with your neighbor.

If your neighbor's leaves fall onto your yard then your neighbor is actually not responsible for them. Instead, think about building a fence.

What about the fruit on your neighbors trees, well courts are split on whether those apples that roll onto your land are yours or your neighbors.

What if a neighbor builds a boundary line fence?

In Washington State, your neighbor must first give you notice that they are building a boundary fence .

Under most circumstances, a landowner who builds a boundary fence along your property line can seek reimbursement from you for one-half the cost of the fence.

As an adjoining landowner you are jointly responsible for maintaining boundary fences.


As always, speak to your attorney first before you decide to take action on a property line tree. Thanks!

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