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What evidence do I need for court?

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Gather your Evidence and other Forms that you will need for your court hearing. If possible, get the evidence you will need before you file, for use when you are filling out your forms. Always think about whether there is information that will help show that what you are telling the court is true or that what the other party is telling the court is not true. Examples include:

  • Declarations of Witnesses – Declarations (sworn written statements) by you and from other people who have personal knowledge about you or the other parties or the children. 3 Ch 496, Laws of 2007 Filing for Temporary Orders (Parentage) - 4

  • Records – bills, records of past criminal convictions, medical or mental health treatment, grades and other school records, and daycare records are among the types of records that to include.

  • Photographs – if they help prove or disprove one of the issues in the case.

  • Financial Information – if financial issues are included, you need evidence of your income and assets, and perhaps evidence of the other party’s income and assets. This could include: pay stubs, federal income tax returns, official letters from Social Security, L&I, Employment Security or DSHS saying how much you receive in benefits, bank account statements, and business records, or 1099 forms.


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